What is Kafka Summit?

Kafka Summit is the user conference for Apache Kafka® and the premier event for data architects, engineers, devops professionals, and developers who want to learn about streaming data. It brings the Apache Kafka community together to share best practices, write code, and discuss the future of streaming technologies.

When and where is Kafka Summit Europe 2021 taking place?

Kafka Summit Europe 2021 is scheduled to take place online as a virtual conference May 11-12, 2021.

What timezone will Kafka Summit Europe take place in?

Kafka Summit Europe will take place in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Who should attend Kafka Summit Europe 2021?

Kafka Summit is the premier event for data architects, engineers, DevOps professionals, and developers who want to learn about event streaming. Whether new to Kafka or a seasoned user, there is something for everyone at Kafka Summit.

Who is speaking at Kafka Summit Europe 2021?

The Call for Papers is currently open until January 17, 2021. The speakers and agenda will be announced in February 2021.

Do I need to register for Kafka Summit Europe 2021?

Yes, you will need to register to attend Kafka Summit Europe 2021.

How much do conference passes cost and what does that include?

Kafka Summit Europe 2021 will be complimentary and include access to the keynotes, conference sessions, and conference sponsored events at the virtual event.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes, please review the Kafka Summit Code of Conduct.

How do I request a press or analyst pass?

Please contact organizers@kafka-summit.org to request this type of pass and provide your credentials.

What are event organizers doing in light of COVID-19 virus?

In light of current global health concerns, we are hosting Kafka Summit Europe 2021 as a virtual experience. Although we are disappointed we won’t see you in person, we are excited to include you and the global Apache Kafka® community in the virtual event.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Please contact organizers@kafka-summit.org with any further questions.

Is there training at Kafka Summit Europe 2021?

We plan to host a Fundamentals for Apache Kafka® course or Certification Bootcamp prior to Kafka Summit Europe 2021. Dates and times will be announced soon.