Event-Driven Model Serving: Stream Processing vs. RPC with Kafka and TensorFlow
Date : September 28, 2019
Time :

Event-based stream processing is a modern paradigm to continuously process incoming data feeds, e.g. for IoT sensor analytics, payment and fraud detection, or logistics. Machine Learning / Deep Learning models can be leveraged in different ways to do predictions and improve the business processes. Either analytic models are deployed natively in the application or they are hosted in a remote model server. In the latter you combine stream processing with RPC / Request-Response paradigm instead of direct doing direct inference within the application. This talk discusses the pros and cons of both approaches and shows examples of stream processing vs. RPC model serving using Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, gRPC and TensorFlow Serving. The trade-offs of using a public cloud service like AWS or GCP for model deployment are also discussed and compared to local hosting for offline predictions directly “at the edge”.

Kai Waehner
Technology Evangelist, Confluent