Tales From the Four-comma Club: Managing Kafka as a Service at Salesforce
Date : September 14, 2021
Time : 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Apache Kafka is a key part of the Big Data infrastructure at Salesforce, enabling publish/subscribe and data transport in near real-time at enterprise scale handling trillions of messages per day. In this session, hear from the teams at Salesforce that manage Kafka as a service, running over a hundred clusters across on-premise and public cloud environments with over 99.9% availability. Hear about best practices and innovations, including: * How to manage multi-tenant clusters in a hybrid environment * High volume data pipelines with Mirus replicating data to Kafka and blob storage * Kafka Fault Injection Framework built on Trogdor and Kibosh * Automated recovery without data loss * Using Envoy as an SNI-routing Kafka gateway We hope the audience will have practical takeaways for building, deploying, operating, and managing Kafka at scale in the enterprise.

Paul Davidson
Software Architect, Salesforce
Lei Ye
Principle Software Engineer, Salesforce