You've Got Mail!
Date : May 16, 2023
Time : 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Governments go digital and The Netherlands is no exception. Dutch law states that any citizen indicating a preference for digital communication, needs to be addressed in that manner. That includes any institution, whether it is Revenue Services, the Justice Department, or your local Municipality. Legislation on digital communication is both very strict (GDPR) and very dynamic with yearly modifications aimed at supporting and protecting citizens in a way that they can trust and verify. Therefore, a communications system needs to be flexible and scalable (more than 5 million messages per day!). For this purpose, we have built a communications system based on an Event Driven architecture. Of course, Kafka is the defacto solution of choice for a system like this. In this session we will demonstrate how Kafka and Event Driven architecture support citizen and government. We’ll tell you how we combine Kafka and Kubernetes to support replay and how we can always produce a watertight audit for anything that happened in digital correspondence. If you’re interested in a little bit of hardcore tech and how event driven architecture works in massive scale in a highly secure GDPR compliant environment, then this talk is for you!

Michael van der Haven
Vice President Consulting Expert, CGI